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Alsace, which has witnessed the great rivalry of France and Germany, has been able to reach between the two powers from the medieval times until today. Eguisheim, one of the most beautiful villages of France, travels in Riquewihr and Kayserberg and makes a quick journey whenever you want. The capital of flowers, Colmar, attracts attention with the cultural richness of the German city Freiburg, where the sun is most generous. Karaorman offers a modest paradise with its fruits, cakes, fairy tales and lyrical landscapes.

Day 1:

Basel, Freiburg

1 hour drive, 75 km. 3 hours easy city walk.

After meeting at Basel Airport, we move to our hotel in Freiburg city center. Then our Freiburg city tour starts. The city opened to Karaorman is known for its green friend policies. Freiburg hosts a very lively street life, as it is the most sunlit city in Germany. After seeing the important historical and cultural elements of the city, we meet for dinner.

Day 2:

Colmar, Eguisheim, Riquewihr, Kayserberg

After breakfast, we start our tour of Alsace villages. “The Capital of Flowers” ​​Colmar, Riquewihr, which has taken its place in the list of the most beautiful villages of France, forms the basis of our Kayserberg tour, where the best grapes of the medieval town of Eguisheim and Alsace are grown. On the way back to Freiburg, we return to our hotel after having dinner at one of the "Strauße" among the vineyards, which are defined as farmer restaurants.

3 hours drive, 160 km. 4 hours easy city-village walk

Day 3:

Hinterzarten, Titisee Hike

40 minutes drive, 30 km. 6 hours easy hike, 15 km.

After breakfast, we leave our hotel and move to Hinterzarten, one of the most beautiful villages of Karaorman. After leaving our belongings to our hotel here, we start our walk to Lake Titisee. After advancing on the road between larch forests and forest fruits, we arrive at the lake. After lunch break in the lake, we return to our hotel. You can have a pleasant time in our hotel and garden, which is one of the typical Karaorman houses.

Day 4:

Feldsee, Feldberg Hike

5 hours medium difficulty hike, 600 mt. ascent.

The walk that we started after breakfast from our hotel rises from the ridges of Hinterzarten and rises up to the amazing forest lake Feldsee. On the road, we pass beautiful pine forests and see farms. In one of these, we rest and drink freshly milked warm Karaorman milk and continue on our way to the Feldberg summit. Feldberg, where you can see the Alpine peaks in the open air, is the highest mountain summit within the borders of Germany. After going down to the ski center and resting at the end of our walk, we return to our village by car. Dinner and free time.

Day 5:

Ravenna Schlucht Hike and Return

3 hours easy hike, 8 km. 1,5 hours drive, 110 km.

Although our walk today is short, it gives us a lot of information about the Karaorman culture. We pass past the old water mills and see how they are used for carpentry work. Going deep into the valley, we arrive at Hofgut Sternen, which has been the accommodation point of travelers for centuries, where Goethe also stayed one night. After watching the cuckoo clock making, which is very famous in the region, we are waiting for the show of the biggest cuckoo clock in the world. We enter the Ravenna Valley under the Ravenna Viaduct and ascend along the valley to the Hinterzarten plains, accompanied by waters. Then, after we receive our belongings from our hotel, we move to Basel Airport.





895 €

kişi başı
(single farkı
5 days


Tur başlangıcı:

11:00 Basel Airport, 13:00 Freiburg City Centre

Tur bitişi:

15:00 Basel Airport

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4 nights accommodation, 4 breakfast, 1 dinner, all specified tours, transfers between all destinations, activities, museum entrances


Freiburg: Holiday Inn Express or similar

Hinterzarten: Hotel am Bach or similar

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