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Durmitor National Park and Tara Valley, located in the heart of the Dinaric Alps, host tens of thousands of nature lovers every year. Besides the majestic summits such as Maglic, Ugljesin, Bobotov Kuk, it is also home to Sutjeska National Park and Perucica, Europe's last remaining primeval forest. This program, which combines both summit walks, rafting and cultural elements, is perfect for those who want to have an active holiday.

Day 1:


30 minutes drive, 30 km. 4 hours easy city walk.

After arriving at Sarajevo Airport, we visit the "Hope Tunnel", which was built in the middle of the Bosnian War in 1993. The tunnel aimed to deliver humanitarian aid and the military force necessary for the Bosnian Army to break the siege to the city where a complete siege was held by the Serbian forces. After visiting the tunnel we settle in our hotel in the city center. Then our tour to the historical city center begins. Apart from the Ottoman-Muslim works such as the Latin Bridge, the heart of the city, Başçarşı, Sebil Square, Kurşunlu Madrasa, which are the stage of one of Sarajevo's greatest roles in history, we also see important works of the Christian world such as the Catholic Cathedral, the Austrian Quarter and the Markale Market. Then free time for dinner.

Day 2:

Ugljesin hike, Bastasi

After early breakfast, we go to Sutjeska National Park for a walk until Ugljesin Summit. Sutjeska, the oldest national park in the country, also witnessed the II. World War. After parking our vehicle at 1.463 meters, the 1.903 meter high Ugljesin walk begins. We first walk through the forest, then the plateau walk, and finally we reach the summit from the rocky terrain. Here, we observe the spectacular view and calmness of the national park for a while and then go down to the descent. As we land on a different route, we cross the Gornje Lakes. Our walk ends where we started and then we set out to stay in Bastasi, located by the Drina River.

4,5 hours drive, 170 km. 5 hours medium hike, 10 km. 794 mt ascent, 859 mt descent.

Day 3:

Durmitor National Park, Bobotov Kuk Summit

4 hours drive, 130 km. 7 hours difficult hike, 12 km. 730 meters ascent, 820 meters descent.

We are moving to Durmitor National Park in Montenegro early in the morning. After crossing Piva Dam Lake and mountain roads, we arrive at Sedlo, where we will start the Bobotov Kuk walk, the highest peak of Durmitor. Our walk to the summit takes approximately 3 hours with the amazing views of Dinaric Alps. The peak at 2,523 meters is also the highest point of Northern Montenegro. During the hike, after the highlands and lakes, we go down to the descent. The walk, which ends where we started, takes 6-6.5 hours in total. At the end of the walk, we return to our accommodation facility in Bastasi.

Day 4:

Sutjeska National Park, Perucica Forest

3 hours drive, 100 km. 3 hours easy forest hike, 8 km.

After breakfast, we move to Sutjeska National Park. We will have a walk with a field guide in Perucica Forest, the oldest, best preserved and most diverse forest of Europe. The view of Skavavac Waterfall, which is the highest waterfall in the country, and the walk we will take in the forest that differs from other forest walks in many ways. At the end of the program, we return to our accommodation facility in Bastasi and want to be free in the evening; or for rafting activities.

Počitelj, Mostar and return

Our return journey begins early in the morning. We take a short break at Počitelj, on the side of the Neretva River, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The village, which served as an important outpost for Hungary, the Ottoman and Venice, stands out with its stone workmanship. After a short trip here and a tea and coffee break, we take a short tour in another important Ottoman city, Mostar. We are going to see especially the Old Bridge and the historical city center. Then we head back to Sarajevo Airport and say goodbye to you.





595 €

kişi başı
(single farkı
5 days


Tur başlangıcı:

12:00 Sarajevo Airport

Tur bitişi:

16:00 Sarajevo Airport

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4 nights accommodation, 4 breakfast, 1 dinner, all specified tours, transfers between all destinations, activities, museum entrances


Saraybosna: Novotel Bristol or similar

Bastasi: Tara Inn Resort or similar

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