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Mongolia is a vast geography. The homeland of the ancient Turks is a magnificent country with fossils, steppes and deserts inhabited by nomadic Turkish communities, where Genghis Khan's magnificent Mongol Empire was established. We shed light on the first Turkish communities with the Orhun and Tonyukuk Inscriptions, examine dinosaur fossils in the Flaming Rocks, and learn about Buddhist culture at the Ongi Monastery. We stay in dormitory tents and observe Mongolian horses and eagles.

Day 1:

Ulan Bator, Terelj National Park, Tonyukuk Inscriptions

150 km. drive.

After arriving in Ulan Bator in the early hours of the morning, we start the Terelj National Park tour after meeting with our guide at the airport. Ariyabal Temple, Turtle Rock, Tonyukuk Inscriptions and Genghis Khan Statue are among the sights to see. Lunch will be taken at a GER in Gorkhi Terelj National Park and we will return to Ulaanbaatar in the evening. Meeting for dinner after settling in hotel and traditional sound and art dance show of Tumen Ekh Ensemble and dinner

Day 2:

Gobi Desert, Yol Valley