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Mongolia is a vast geography. The homeland of the ancient Turks is a magnificent country with fossils, steppes and deserts inhabited by nomadic Turkish communities, where Genghis Khan's magnificent Mongol Empire was established. We shed light on the first Turkish communities with the Orhun and Tonyukuk Inscriptions, examine dinosaur fossils in the Flaming Rocks, and learn about Buddhist culture at the Ongi Monastery. We stay in dormitory tents and observe Mongolian horses and eagles.

Day 1:

Ulan Bator, Terelj National Park, Tonyukuk Inscriptions

150 km. drive.

After arriving in Ulan Bator in the early hours of the morning, we start the Terelj National Park tour after meeting with our guide at the airport. Ariyabal Temple, Turtle Rock, Tonyukuk Inscriptions and Genghis Khan Statue are among the sights to see. Lunch will be taken at a GER in Gorkhi Terelj National Park and we will return to Ulaanbaatar in the evening. Meeting for dinner after settling in hotel and traditional sound and art dance show of Tumen Ekh Ensemble and dinner

Day 2:

Gobi Desert, Yol Valley

Early morning domestic flight to South Gobi and a trip to the Yol Valley, one of the most important landmarks of Gobi National Park. Easy 1 hour hike in the valley. Then settle in the GER and rest until dinner. Accommodation GER.

1.5 hour flight, 90 km. drive. Easy walking for 1 hour.

Day 3:

Khongor Sand Dunes, Camel Safari, Nomad Local Life

180 km. drive, 2 hours camel ride.

Khongor Sand Dunes tour. The dunes, which can reach a height of 300 meters, are 15 kilometers wide and 180 kilometers long. Walking and rolling are free along the dunes. A 2-hour camel hike along the dunes is also included in our tour. A closer look at the nomadic life in the evening. Possibility to taste camel milk, one of the traditional dairy products. Accommodation GER.

Day 4:

Bayanzag, Flaming Cliffs

170 km. drive.

After breakfast, move to Bayanzag (180km), where the world's most important paleontological ancient dinosaur remains. Visit the Saxaul Forests after a short hike in the Gobi Desert. Followed by a trip to Flaming Cliffs. After lunch, move to the ruins of the Ongi Temple. Accommodation GER.

Day 5:

Orkhon Valley

240 km. drive.

Departure to Orkhon Valley after breakfast. The valley, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a very important region for nomadic Mongolian communities. During the day spent in the Orkhon River and its surrounding pastures, we closely examine the local life and learn how the Turkic communities spread around the world through the numerous historical remains. Accommodation GER.

Day 6:


110 km. drive.

After breakfast, we move to Kharkorum, the old capital of Mongolia (110 km). This ancient city, where Genghis Khan had his headquarters in 1220, has preserved its importance for the next generations. We learn about Mongolian Buddhism closely with the visits to Kharkorum Museum and Erdenee Zu Buddhist Temple. Afterwards, we join a local workshop and have an activity to make felt products by hand. Accommodation GER.

Day 7:

Khutsai National Park, Ungut

280 km. drive.

After breakfast, departure to Khutsai National Park (280km). In this 50620-hectare national park, the world's last wild horses named Takhi are under protection. We see the horses closely and visit the ancient city of Ungut. Accommodation GER.

Day 8:

Ulan Bator

100 km. drive

After breakfast, we are moving to Ulan Bator. Afterwards, city tour and shopping opportunity. Farewell dinner in the evening.

Day 9:


We move to the airport in the morning according to our flight times and say goodbye to see you on our next trip.





2.195 €

kişi başı
(single farkı
450 €)
9 days


Tur başlangıcı:

07:00 Chinggis Khaan Airport

Tur bitişi:

15:00 Chinggis Khaan Airport

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8 nights accommodation (2 nights hotel, 6 nights Mongolian tent), 8 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 8 dinners, Ulan Bator-Gobi domestic flight, all specified tours, transfers between all destinations, activities, museum entries, VAT


Ulan Batur: Novotel or similar

Country Side: Mongolian Tent GER

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