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The Auschwitz Concentration and Destruction Camp, home to one of the greatest pains in history, tells us how quickly humanity can get out of control, while the Wieliczka Salt Mine reveals the role of religions in creating architectural miracles. We are carrying out perhaps the most comprehensive tour of Poland with Chopin's Warsaw, Krakow, a monumental cultural city, Torun on the UNESCO list, the castle of the Teutonic Knights, Malbork, Germany's missing child Danzig, Usedom, a Mediterranean beach in Baltic.

Day 1:

Berlin, Wrocław

4 hours drive, 350 km. 3 hours easy city walk.

After the departure from Berlin at noon, our journey to Wrocław begins. We arrive in the city after about 4 hours. The program we will do in Ostrów Tumski, the old center of the city, includes points such as Saint Giles Church, Market Square, Piwnica Świdnicka Restaurant, Europe's oldest restaurant, Old Jewish Quarter, Gestapo Headquarters, Synagogue. At the end of the program we settle in our hotel and free time for dinner.

Day 2:

Auschwitz, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakov

After breakfast, we leave our hotel and head to the Auschwitz II-Birkenau Nazi Death Camp, where the human drama of the II. World War can be best observed. After our 3-hour guided tour here, we move to our next stop, Wieliczka Salt Mine. The salt mine, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1978, has been the center of uninterrupted salt production from the 13th century to 2007. After seeing the religious, artistic sculptures and reliefs in the salt mine, we move to Kraków. After a short afternoon stroll free time for dinner.

4 hours drive, 350 km. 4 hours easy city and museum walk.

Day 3:

Krakov, Warsaw and Chopin Concert

4 hours drive, 300 km. 3 hours easy city walk.

After breakfast, we leave our hotel and move to Warsaw. We visit the UNESCO World Heritage listed historical center of the city, which has been in the ruins of incredible destructions in the past 100 years. A very interesting program awaits you with the traces of the Communist past of the city, the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, the erased face of the city, which is the largest Jewish community in Europe, and the ghetto streets that have been the scene of Holywood films. In the evening, we crown our Warsaw program with the Fryderyk Chopin concert, who is considered as the best piano composer of the world, one of the important figures of the city. After listening to a concert from successful artists in a romantic hall suitable for Chopin, we return to our hotel.

Day 4:

Torun, Malbork, Gdańsk

5 hours drive, 500 km. 5 hours easy city walk.

After breakfast, we leave our hotel and move to Torun, another city in the UNESCO World Heritage List, also the city of Mikoła Copernicus. It stands out with its well-preserved historical center as it is a city not affected by World War II. After our tour in Torun that offers a different atmosphere with its red brick houses, we move to Malbork Castle. The castle, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, also carries the title of the biggest castle in the world. Another thing to see in the castle, also the headquarters of the Crusaders and Teutonic Knights, is the amber museum. After our tour here, we move to Danzig, the Pearl of Baltic. The region known as Westerplatte is the place where World War II started and the first bullet was shot. Entrance gates to the city, weapons depots, Neptune Monument, the symbol of Gdansk, Town Hall, Church of Saint Mary, Artus Courtyard are among the places we will see. Free time for dinner afterwards.

Day 5:

Day 5: Gdańsk, Usedom, Berlin

8 hours drive, 600 km. 2 hours easy walk in the nature.

After breakfast, we leave our hotel and move to Usedom that hosts amazing beaches on the Baltic Sea. Usedom, which also forms the border between Poland and Germany, is one of the most important holiday resorts of Germany. After our lunch break here, we continue to Berlin. After approximately 3 hours of travel, our tour ends in Berlin city center and we say goodbye to you.





795 €

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5 days


Tur başlangıcı:

12:00 Berlin City Centre

Tur bitişi:

19:00 Berlin City Centre

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4 nights accommodation, 4 breakfast, 1 dinner, all specified tours, transfers between all destinations, activities, museum entrances


Wrocław: HP Park Plaza or similar

Krakow: Park Inn or similar

Warsaw: Novotel or similar

Danzig: Novotel or similar

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