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Svalbard is not only the northernmost livable point of the world for humans; it is also an island where polar bears enjoy living. Many people, from whale hunters to polar explorers, from coal miners to scientists, have passed through Svalbard. It will definitely expand your 78th parallel horizon, where you can experience the most interesting experiences of the North. The green sky curtain at the top is also to be seen.

Day 1:


15 minutes drive, 10 km. 2 hours easy city walk.

After your journey through Oslo, after arriving at Longyearbyen Airport, meet with our guide and settle in the hotel. Then dinner and a short Longyearbyen tour.

Day 2:

Mine 3 Visit, Longyearbyen, Ice Cave Hike

Our visit to the first activity of the day, "Gruve 3", or Maden No: 3, begins. We experience coal mining in Longyearbyen, which is the reason for the permanent settlement to begin a century ago, by entering into a real mine. We learn why the Global Seed Bank was founded here and witness the rain forest history of Svalbard Island thousands of years ago underground. At the end of our tour, we return to the center of Longyearbyen and have lunch and visit the Svalbard Museum. With the museum, where you can find the stuffed creatures of the island, especially the polar bears, we learn the adventures of the north pole explorers, the tragedies of the whale hunters and the difficulties of the miners. Afterwards, we walk to the 850-meter-high Trollsteinen summit behind the Longyearbyen valley. We learn how glaciers shape the valley and enter a deep blue ice cave. Return to the hotel and dinner.

30 minutes drive, 5 hours medium walk. Equipment will be provided.

Day 3:


11 hours boat journey.

After breakfast, our sea journey starts to Pyramiden, one of the most interesting settlements in the world. During this trip, which is the northernmost fjord tour of the world, you have a good chance of seeing the polar creatures. We'll be able to see whales, walrus, seal fish, polar gulls and polar bear if we're lucky. We drive along Billefjorden and arrive at Nordenskiöld Glacier. When we reach the glacier, the barbecue starts on the boat and the whale and salmon meats take their place in the barbecue. After the meal, we continue towards Pyramiden. Our Russian guide welcomes us with a gun on his shoulder in the old Soviet miner city where only 4 people live. After our guide, who is obliged to visit armed against polar bears and other wildlife, we have the chance to take enough pictures after telling us all the details of the city. The northernmost statue of Lenin in the world and the arctic foxes that usually circulate adorn our tour. On our return trip, we learn the details of the tragedy that took place in 1872, passing through Skansbukta, the oldest building of Svalbard. Dinner and free time after the return.

Day 4:


15 minutes drive.

After breakfast, we move to Longyearbyen Airport and reach our homes via Oslo.




1.795 €

kişi başı
(single farkı
4 days


Tur başlangıcı:

18:30 Longyearbyen Airport

Tur bitişi:

10:00 Longyearbyen Airport

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3 nights accommodation, 3 breakfast, 1 dinner, all specified tours, transfers between all destinations, activities, museum entrances


Longyearbyen: Svalbard Hotell or similar

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