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Although it has not gained a great reputation as Finland, Swedish Lapland is at least as beautiful as Finnish Lapland. There are no tourist crowds, you can stay alone and calm in the nature, but at the same time, it does not compromise from its beauty at all. Thanks to many elements such as Northern Lights, countless lakes, Sami culture, Reindeers, Boreal Forests, Ice Hotel you will enjoy being it this special place.

Day 1:


30 minutes drive, 4 hours easy city walk.

After arriving in Stockholm, our city tour begins. In the center of the city tour is Gamla Stan (Old City Center) and a program full of culture and art will be made in accordance with the local texture of the city. One of the most important museums in Stockholm (Fotografiska, Swedish Culture Museum, or Vasa Museum) will be visited depending on the group's preference and will spend time in Södermalm, one of the city's alternative neighborhoods. The hotel is central and suitable for spending time outside in the evening.

Day 2:

Kangos/Kiruna, Boreal Forest Hike

Flight from Arlanda Airport to Kiruna at 10:50 in the morning. After our arrival, move to our quite pleasant place on the lake in Kangos. Settling in Pine Tree Lodge, which is very harmonious with Scandinavian nature architecture and intertwined with nature. Afterwards, we learn the geography and the cultures that live in it by hiking along the Torne River, the most important river in Sweden. After dinner, we try to witness the miracle of nature with the hunt for northern lights.

2 hours drive, 140 km. 2 hours easy forest hike.

Day 3:

Ice Hotel, Abisko National Park, Kanyon hike

7 hours drive, 515 km. 2 hours easy walk in the nature.

After breakfast, we go to Abisko National Park. Abisko, one of the most interesting places of Lapland Sweden, is famous for hosting glacial valleys, clear waters, highland flowers, Torne Lake and Sami people. After a short walk here, we move to Jukkasjärvi. This place is home to the world's first ice hotel. After seeing the art rooms of the ice hotel, which is reconstructed by dozens of artists from the clear water of the Torne River every year, we pass to the Sami Museum. We return to our hotel after learning Sami life closely and spending time with reindeer. After dinner, we try to witness the miracle of nature with the hunt for northern lights.

Day 4:

Dogsled, Ice Fishing

2 hours easy forest hike.

After breakfast, our program for cute individuals of the north starts with huskies. Depending on the snow conditions, we take a sled tour or a forest walk with dogs. In the afternoon, we return to our hotel and spend time in the outdoor hot pool and sauna. After dinner, we try to witness the miracle of nature with the hunt for northern lights.

Day 5:

Kiruna and return

2 hours drive, 140 km.

Transfer to Kiruna Airport after breakfast and return via Stockholm.





1.695 €

kişi başı
(single farkı
5 days


Tur başlangıcı:

15:00 Kiruna Airport

Tur bitişi:

11:00 Kiruna Airport

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4 nights accommodation, 4 breakfast, 1 dinner, all specified tours, transfers between all destinations, activities, museum entrances


Kangos: Pine Tree Lodge or similar

Kiruna: Camp Ripan or similar

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